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Kunnu Bungalow

Kunnu Bunglow was situated at Mudavan Mugal in the outskirts of the Thiruvananthapuram city. Kunnu or elevated place as it is known is around 200 feet above sea level. Swathi Thirunal constructed a small but beautiful building on top of this small hillock. It had French windows and tiled roof.

The Maharaja used this building for his writing and training in music. The view from this spot is indeed breath taking with the expanses of green on the western side and the Arabian sea beyond that.On the eastern side is the panoramic view of the Ghats. It is windy and pleasant here all day. From the bungalow there are steps going down to the Karamana river. It is believed that the Maharaja uses to walk down these steps to the banks of the river and spend time enjoying the beauty of the river and the landscape around.

Kunnu Banglow - the building used by Swathi to sing and compose Scenic view from Kunnu Banglow spot
Karamana river

Today there is no Kunnu Bungalow at Mudavan Mugal. Neglect led to distruction.(See pictures). A visitor to the Mudavan Mugal hillock gets an insight into Swathi’s mind. He might have cherished open, expansive places and the sense of freedom such places can induce in a person. No doubt the Maharaja loved to be near the Karamana river( see write up on Karamana Mandapam).


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