Sreenivasa Rao

Soon after Reddy Row’s retirement (-1844-), Sreenivasa Row, the then first Judge of the appeal court, was appointed headed Dewan Peishcar, in charge of the administration. This officer was a very honest and quiet man, but had not that administrative tact which characterised many of his predecessors. Being called upon to assume charge of the administration at a time when the ablest Dewan, would have found it difficult to manage affairs satisfactorily ; he experienced great trouble in coping with the emergency. Reddy Row had brought the administration in to a state which Sreenevasa Row’s hand was too weak to rectify. The gradually growing illness of the Maha Rajah and his consequent indifference to the affairs of the State, the increasing misunderstanding between the court and the Resident; the general inactivity of the district officials, who had all a firm belief in the speedy return of Krishna Row to office, and above all the financial embarrassments of the country, were evils which Sreenivasa Row found too hard for him to surmount. People knew that his hands were tied; and that he had no power to act in any matter for himself. The Resident called for reports on every point connected with the administration, while he was utterly unable to get a reply from the palace to his references on important matters for months together. Revenue collections fell into arrears. Sreenevasa Row, was often found in a pitiful state, especially when the time for paying the monthly subsidy to the Resident’s treasury approached. The allowance to the various establishments had been in areas, and every day the Huzzoor cutcherry was invaded by crowds of people expecting and requesting payment. Sreenevasa Row had some good qualities. He was quite amenable to reason. He used to seek advice from able and honest officials of his cutcherry, without regard to their rank and position. He never shrunk from retracing his steps when he found it was necessary to do so. Buy such a sensible line of conduct Sreenevasa Row was enabled to show improvement in the financial department and in the general administration.

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