Sparsh Needer, Rev. [Sperschneider ?]

The Maha Rajah commissioned His Highness’ Astronomer, Mr. Caldecott to procure a small printing press, and employ the same in connection with the Observatory; but this gentleman at first introduced lithography, and subsequently, in consultation with the Resident, printing presses were ordered from England and a printing department established in 1838 under Samathanam Maistry who was one of the first batch of workmen trained in the Nagercoil Press. Rev. Mr. Sperschneider (the father of the present Dr. Sperschneider of the Nair brigade), was appointed superintendent of the printing department. In February 1838, communication from Col Fraser, Resident, is available, agreeing with "the temporary transfer of the Printing establishment and apparatus to Mr. Caldecott". It seems, caldecott was in charge of the press, to begin with. In the year 1839 the first Anglo-Vernacular Calendar of Travancore (for the Malabar year 1015) was issued from this press.

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