Colonel Morrison, C.B. [British Resident]

Col. Morrison was the British resident of Travancore, when Swathi Thirunal ascended the throne. Swathi Thirunal had the advantage of the advice and counsel of his worthy father, the able tutor, the meritorious Dewan, as well as many old and experienced ministerial servants, both in the palace and in other departments. The Resident Colonel Morrison, C.B., a very able officer, was also a warm supporter of the Maha Rajah in the early days of his reign. Afterwards, Swathi Thirunal's attention was directed to the remodelling of the cabinet, and as he had a very high opinion of his tutor, Suba Row, and of his ability and knowledge, he wanted to appoint him Dewan, but the idea of dispensing with the services of the able and popular Dewan Vencatta Row, was not approved of by His Highness’ father, by Her Highness the Ranee, and by the Resident, Colonel Morrison. The controversy on this subject lasted about six months, and in the interval the able Resident, Colonel Morrison, was removed, and Dewan Vencatta Row tendered his resignation. It is also said, that there had been a little misunderstanding between the Travancore court and the Resident, Colonel Morrison, in this matter and that colonel Morrisom had made some reports unfavourable to the state of things in Travancore, which circumstances induced Mr. Lushington, Governor of Madras to visit the country and ascertain the exact state of affairs by a personal inspection, while he was on tour to the Malabar Coast.

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