Marquis of Tweedale(1787-1876 AD)

Marquis of Tweedale was the Governor of Fort St. George during the period from (1842-1848), Madras presidency. Swathi Thirunal wrote an english letter to him in 1843, when General Cullen forced to install Krishna Row as Dewan of Travancore against the wishes of Swathi Thirunal. Swathi Thirunal's letter to Tweedale elicited a tremendous minute from the Madras Government taking the Resident
to task and intimating that His Highness was at liberty to dispense with the services of Krishna Row just as he deemed fit. Krishna Row's resignation was soon brought about by this successfull communication from Swathi Thirunal to Tweedale (See Articles Link for full text of the letter to Tweedale)

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