General J.S. Fraser [British Resident 1836?-1840?]

The Resident Colonel and afterwards General J.S. Fraser was a gentleman who delighted in the patronage of sciences and learning, also took a great interest in the spread of English education in Travancore. He seems to have played a role in encouraging Swathi Thirunal in establishing the Free School (which later became the University College). The same seems to be the case with the Observatory also. Sangunny menon writes: The Trivandrum Observatory owned its origin in “1836, to the enlightened views of His Highness “Rama Vurmah, then reigning Rajah of Travancore, “and to the encouragement given to them by the late “General Stuart Fraser then representing the British” Government at Trivandrum. Fraser seems to have also played an advisory role in organisation of an experimental engineering department, and Lieutenant and Superintendent of Irrigation and other important works at Nanjenaud and Trivandrum, under the general supervision of the visiting Engineer Lieutenant Horsely. It is also known that this very able Engineer’s literacy work “Memories of Travancore” was written at the request of the Resident, Colonel Fraser.

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