Sl. No. 16; Ali veni yentu cheyvu; Kurinji; Misra Chapu; Padam; Malayaalam. Artist: K. S. Chithra.
Among the best of Swathi padams, noted for its bhava as well as the literary beauty. A favourite of Late Dr Palakkad K V Narayana Swami, this has also been sung by many an artist including Dr M.S. Subbalakshmi. This rendering is from K.S. Chithra's noted cassette "Enchanting Melodies", which contains another half-a-dozen Malayalam padams of Swathi. The music has been set by noted music director and carnatic musician, Sri. M. Jayachandran.

Oh ALIVENI!- tresses having the hue of black bee! Alas! What shall I do now? Oh MANINI- the respectable lady! Lotus-eyed SRI PADMANAHA has not come yet! What shall I do?
Oh KOMALANGI- having a charming form! Tell me, what is the use of all these? The humming of the bees, the gentle breeze, sandal paste and the fragrant flowers like jasmine etc., if my beloved does not turn up?
I do not know who is the blessed damsel on this earth, enjoying the company of SARASAKSHA, the one who resembles Cupid! I keep looking out for Him to come by the usual path. I cannot see, as my eyes are brimming with tears.
Has my darling forgotten all the sweet words he uttered when we were together? Oh KAMBUKANTHI -one with a neck like a conch! Don't delay anymore. Please tell Him my miserable state and bring Him atonce to me.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)