Sl. No.150; Krishna chandra raadha; Tilang; Adi ; Bhajan; Hindi.
Dr. T.M. Bhavana.
Orginally in Bhairavi.

Oh Lord KRSHNCANDRA! The captivator of RADHA's heart! Pray reside in my heart.
You sport a feather of pecock on your head, a beautiful belt on your hip; and hold a flute in your hand. On your neck lies a shining garland.
All the celestials and sages are standing attentively in the sky just to witness your glorious dance on the hood of KALIYA -the mighty serpent.
The great serpent KALIYA's consorts are begging you with their hands clasped in veneration, to leave their beloved unharmed. 
Oh Lord PADMANABHA! relaxing on the serpent king, the great poets are praising your innumerable LILAs. Kindly give your DARSAN and reside in my mind.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)