Sl. No. 115; Jaya jaya padmanaabha; Sarasaangi; Aadi ; Keerthanam; Saanskrit.
Dr. B Arundhathi.
This keerthanam makes reference to the Padamanabha Swami temple in Trivandrum (to the festival of lights, the Laksha Deepam, and to his illustrious ancestor, Marthanada Varma). Dr M Balamurali Krishna has sung this in a Malayalam film.

Oh PADMANABHA! the destroyer of MURA! The Lord of the earth! Beloved of LAKSHMI! Victory to you!
Your eyes put to shame the lotus-petals. You do good to those who bow before you. You are worshipped by NARADA.
You are to be known only through VEDA-s and AGAMA-s. Your feet are like lotuses. You recline on the serpent-bed. You shine like the rain-clouds. You are worshipped by gods lead by BRAHMA. You are flawless one You destroyed MURA. Make my life auspicious.
You are worshipped by hosts of PARAMAHAMSA-s. You protect the people. Your teeth outshines the lovely jasmine buds. You are interested in listening to the sacred stories that contains in the PURANA-s like BHAGAVATA written by VYASA.
You fulfilled the desires of the great devotee DIVAKARA. Please dwell in my heart. Your face is like the full-moon. You shine with LAKSHA DIPA-lakh of lights- organised by SRI VANCI MARTTANDAVARMA. Kindly shine in my heart.

(Translation by Dr. T.K Govinda Rao)